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Yeah… I really do not¬†think there is a need for more explanation.

I will however explain as to why I haven’t been on my normal realm recently.
Ever just needed a break from running everything for others? And just wanted a break to do what you want to do?

Meet my top secret toon,

Top secret means, you can’t see her face or know her name ūüėČ

She gets me away from those who annoy me. And is actually fun to play! I enjoy running aimlessly around and having the few friends who know her come onto the server and play. I actually enjoy not seeing the fighting or the discussions as part of a guild.

Just unadulterated playing, killing murlocks and owlkin. Taking out the aggressions of the day on the bears or mutated flowers that like to attack. That’s why I started playing the game to begin with. It was something to do to get out all of my ill-will towards co-workers. Not to come into a fight going on about which trinket is better or which instance to run because this person needs this and what not and a huge fall out because no one can agree. There is no one¬†judging me because of a spec I’ve decided on, and no one is constantly hounding me to¬†change because “it doesn’t fit with the rest of the guild”.¬†¬†

I’m into playing again, afterall…it is a game.



Here’s a thought

Posted July 28, 2008 by Kim
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It was the first time for many us of in the guild, going into Kara that is. We had heard how difficult it could be when there is a problem with tactics and the general feel of the guild.

Let’s face it folks, many times there is at least one person within your guild that seems to grate your nerves¬†every time¬†they sign on. And it seems that every time my guild attempts to do something, this person is there. And usually I am able to bite my tongue and do what I know how to do. Not so much on this particular run.

We went into Kara 10 man strong, a fairly good balance of all elements. However, after the first boss and we began to move towards the next, this person began to bark orders to us all. Granted they had been there before but there’s no need to be rude or assume that we do not understand what is coming out of your mouth.¬† I did get over it and moved on, I could hear the frustration in the voices of our other guild-mates so I knew I wasn’t alone.¬†

As we approached the second boss, two of my friends had signed on and showed interest in joining if someone were to drop. One of which had been trying to get a Kara group together since they had returned to the game. After we dropped the second and then the third boss. I decided it was someone else’s turn. And I willingly gave up my position for one of the two of them to be able to join.

As I announced my decision over vent, and suggested inviting in the guildie that had been begging for nearly a month to go. I was met with resistance. No not from the second in command of our guild, who had started the run…but from the peon who believes he is the all knowing. Complaining that he wasn’t spec’d correctly and that he didn’t have the correct gear. I was outraged. Out of the ten people standing in that hall way, NINE did not have the gear or the spec to be there and I would venture to say that their gear probably wasn’t the best either.¬†Give me a break, what’s the real reason?

After I voiced my opinion, I dropped the raid…but stayed in vent. This particular person was not done, and I knew it. He/she continued to insist that these two¬†guild-mates, one of which just so happens to be a RL friend of mine, wasn’t going to be any good and how my RL friend did not respec correctly etc. Every word the twerp said unscrewed that can of worms until basically, I lost it.

Contrary to what you all probably believe, I’m not a complainer. I bite my tongue on a regular basis and keep my comments to myself, for the basic need of order in our guild as well as in my professional life and friend/family life. However, when a nobody is cutting down other players when they themselves¬†haven’t the first clue as to how to play that character. I have a problem with that, as well as when two other players have asked to join, and you want to deny because someone else has just signed on you would rather have. That’s not how a guild works, my friend. Guilds are in place¬†to support one another, to help and be helped going through this game.

I’m well aware¬†there are¬†people have many characters and are perfectly able to understand every class and every type. We have one in the guild. Who is a great player, is constructive and knows¬†what he is talking about¬†. If he doesn’t feel your armor is up to par, he’ll drop everything and help you get it to where you need it to be. He has helped quite a few people many times fix something that is wrong, whether it be with WoW add-ons or something completely different.
(and he’s still right about Omen, it’s a great add-on…go get it.)

The twerp player, isn’t that person. Twerpie (they will be referred to now on as this) is¬†very self-absorbed and malicious in intent.

So here’s a thought: If you have an opinion on the way someone may play, think before you speak. Is the way your sentence is going to come out going to offend someone or will they take it with the intent that you had? And always be respectful, it will be remembered.¬† ūüôā

Don’t start Drama. Don’t¬†act Rude. Don’t be a Twerpie.


Do what?

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My cousin, who knows that I am an avid WoW player found this article! 

Did I miss something? When did they decide to do a movie about pre-WoW times? And obviously if this is pre-WoW as we know it times, it would be in the Alliance POV.

Anyone else have any other info on this?

I’m a troublemaker

Posted June 30, 2008 by Kim
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So, I finally¬† leveled Thel up to 32. However as I was gathering the last of my quests from Hillbrad and was about to travel towards Arathi Highlands with my roomie in tow¬†suddenly I was dead. After sitting shocked for a few moments I saw the ?? rogue attacking my room-mate’s level 67 hunter and saw her promptly die. Deductive reasoning obviously pointed to this is definitely a high level rogue, and I was not going to live if I suddenly rezzed.¬† So we both waited for him to finish his business and leave. After we both rezzed, I saw a little red writing barrelling toward me in¬†an extremely fast pace, a ?? gnome mage and a ?? nightelf hunter, lovely.¬† One arrow and I was dead again. At this point, I was slightly irritated, however I understood they could get honor from my roomie’s toon. So I brushed it off and made the long run to my body to find the Rogue, Mage AND the Hunter camping our bodies. Eventually they were bored I guess and left us be, and by this point we had another guildmate join us so we could help him level his rogue.¬†As we started other quests suddenly our guildmate was dead and about the time I panned the screen around I was dead too. The mage was back and¬†battling it out with my room-mate, who was winning until the¬†hunter suddenly reappeared and killed her. (I hate the fact that Nightelves have that passive stealth, unless I’m using it)¬†I was pissed, and immediately wrote into my chat window to my guild¬†for some help. As I ran back to my body AGAIN I saw they were camping our bodies AGAIN. And finally got angry enough that I made my roomie make a raid. They were all going to pay.
I logged, jumped on my main and started to Hillsbrad determined to get these three kids. By the time I logged back on more than half of our guild was there…remember this story? Totally happened again. Only this time we didn’t stop at South Shore, we then mounted up and rode onto Refugee Point tore the place apart and then rode¬†onto the Harbor in Wetlands and blew it out of the water as well. Everything was great until a HUGE boat load of Allies came in. And even then we were still tearing the place apart as much as possible.

So, the moral of this story is once again- Think before attacking. You never know what sort of callous person maybe on the other side of the screen. ūüôā

Here are a few screen shots:

South Shore, half the group had already gone around the side we were the late arrivals.

Harbor, we were making our way around the side of the building. This time we were the first arrivals!


It’s sort of like falling off a horse…

Posted June 27, 2008 by Kim
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ok…GUR. I nearly had the post finished…and BLANK. Everything was deleted! Anyway.

Last night I had signed onto my main for the first time in three days. Almost immediately one of our guild officers noticed there were enough high levels on to do something. I was bored and in a need to learn how to tweak the way I play to accommodate the group experience in an instance anyway, so I was game for anything. After the “I dunno, what do YOU wanna do” conversation it was decided that we would challenge the seasonal boss, Ahune.

Yeah, he doesn’t look too fierce eh?

We all had to start the quest to do it, so we ran around Org. and then through Ashenvale to get all the prerequisites finished and finally go to Slave Pens. I, personally, had never been to SP until this. So I was not exactly certain what to expect. Everything was fine, I mean we had a Feral tanking, a healer, afflic spec lock, my destruction spec lock, hunter¬†and a fire mage. Shouldn’t have been a problem right? Wrong. The first time we died, it was completely my fault. I thought we were ready to start, and we weren’t. Heh.
After that wipe the afflic lock, which shall remain nameless because they are part of my guild, took it upon¬†itself to organize us in a “sure to win” formation.¬†Seven wipes later, we still weren’t winning. ¬†(In all fairness, this lock drives me insane sometimes anyway…convinced that because they are a lock, they know the best way to play with EVERY spec…and proceeds to try to convince you of the same. We all know one.)

After getting killed AGAIN, we did a change up. Changing to the Tank, Affl Lock, Dest Lock, Holy Priest, Shadow Priest and Hunter. We collected ourselves and with only one person left that could summon him, we finally got him down. The problem with this boss is that you do not have time to remana yourself (well I did, thanks to the ability to turn health into mana), there are constantly spawns he sends out. And you can only do damage to him while he is in the crystal form. And of course the adds go after the healer,  so someone must stay around them to ensure they stay alive.

However, after you get him down you can get great drops like Cloak of the Frigid Winds. Which most of my guildmates passed up so I could get. ūüôā


(And I forgot to mention the fact that as soon as we came barreling out of SP, we promptly attacked a group of Allies that were killing fellow lowbie Horde. I could almost hear them screaming as they ran away. Hah aha…good times, good times.)

Good luck and have fun!



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So I figured we’ve all had loading problems with the game or perhaps just moments where you get bored and do stupid things…here are a few snapshots of some of my or my roomie’s out takes.
Up first, what does it look like when your character doesn’t load up? Just ask my roomie when she tried to get on her Alt…

How do we celebrate when we kick a HUGE monster’s butt? Dance of course…


How to piss off the Alliance (or Horde) in your area that is contested…run into the middle of a lake and have a shaman with you… and break into a dance on top of the water


What happens when you lag out and try to get away from aggro so you don’t disconnected only to come back in the middle of a battle?
You get stuck of course….and this is all you see:

Nothing around you but you’re still in combat and dying rapidly and half of your addons disappear!!

Bored? Why not just take random screenshots?
Like my roomie did to her main

Or like this…

What was the best snapshot you’ve taken or the funniest loading problem you’ve had?
(worst loading problems count too)


Alts, alts and more alts…

Posted June 17, 2008 by Kim
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Though I have an abundance of alts on quite a few servers…meet my favorite two.

Thelaria¬†is my BE Mage, and is still sitting at level¬†29. And there is an actual reason for this, mostly because I like being the highest level in the bgs…lol. Oh come on, we all do it! But alas, I must¬†level her to at least 34 so I can quest with my roomie’s main alt.¬†

My second fave, which is a secret…shh, is an alliance toon.¬†
Erlisa is my level¬†15 druid. ūüôā

Nothing beats my main though…Meet Demonetra:

Do you have a fave alt or are you more for your main?