I’m a troublemaker

So, I finally  leveled Thel up to 32. However as I was gathering the last of my quests from Hillbrad and was about to travel towards Arathi Highlands with my roomie in tow suddenly I was dead. After sitting shocked for a few moments I saw the ?? rogue attacking my room-mate’s level 67 hunter and saw her promptly die. Deductive reasoning obviously pointed to this is definitely a high level rogue, and I was not going to live if I suddenly rezzed.  So we both waited for him to finish his business and leave. After we both rezzed, I saw a little red writing barrelling toward me in an extremely fast pace, a ?? gnome mage and a ?? nightelf hunter, lovely.  One arrow and I was dead again. At this point, I was slightly irritated, however I understood they could get honor from my roomie’s toon. So I brushed it off and made the long run to my body to find the Rogue, Mage AND the Hunter camping our bodies. Eventually they were bored I guess and left us be, and by this point we had another guildmate join us so we could help him level his rogue. As we started other quests suddenly our guildmate was dead and about the time I panned the screen around I was dead too. The mage was back and battling it out with my room-mate, who was winning until the hunter suddenly reappeared and killed her. (I hate the fact that Nightelves have that passive stealth, unless I’m using it) I was pissed, and immediately wrote into my chat window to my guild for some help. As I ran back to my body AGAIN I saw they were camping our bodies AGAIN. And finally got angry enough that I made my roomie make a raid. They were all going to pay.
I logged, jumped on my main and started to Hillsbrad determined to get these three kids. By the time I logged back on more than half of our guild was there…remember this story? Totally happened again. Only this time we didn’t stop at South Shore, we then mounted up and rode onto Refugee Point tore the place apart and then rode onto the Harbor in Wetlands and blew it out of the water as well. Everything was great until a HUGE boat load of Allies came in. And even then we were still tearing the place apart as much as possible.

So, the moral of this story is once again- Think before attacking. You never know what sort of callous person maybe on the other side of the screen. 🙂

Here are a few screen shots:

South Shore, half the group had already gone around the side we were the late arrivals.

Harbor, we were making our way around the side of the building. This time we were the first arrivals!


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2 Comments on “I’m a troublemaker”

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  2. […] couple of posts on PVP server retribution: Oh I’m sorry… were you trying to farm? & I’m a troublemaker by Netra of Curse of […]

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