It’s sort of like falling off a horse…

ok…GUR. I nearly had the post finished…and BLANK. Everything was deleted! Anyway.

Last night I had signed onto my main for the first time in three days. Almost immediately one of our guild officers noticed there were enough high levels on to do something. I was bored and in a need to learn how to tweak the way I play to accommodate the group experience in an instance anyway, so I was game for anything. After the “I dunno, what do YOU wanna do” conversation it was decided that we would challenge the seasonal boss, Ahune.

Yeah, he doesn’t look too fierce eh?

We all had to start the quest to do it, so we ran around Org. and then through Ashenvale to get all the prerequisites finished and finally go to Slave Pens. I, personally, had never been to SP until this. So I was not exactly certain what to expect. Everything was fine, I mean we had a Feral tanking, a healer, afflic spec lock, my destruction spec lock, hunter and a fire mage. Shouldn’t have been a problem right? Wrong. The first time we died, it was completely my fault. I thought we were ready to start, and we weren’t. Heh.
After that wipe the afflic lock, which shall remain nameless because they are part of my guild, took it upon itself to organize us in a “sure to win” formation. Seven wipes later, we still weren’t winning.  (In all fairness, this lock drives me insane sometimes anyway…convinced that because they are a lock, they know the best way to play with EVERY spec…and proceeds to try to convince you of the same. We all know one.)

After getting killed AGAIN, we did a change up. Changing to the Tank, Affl Lock, Dest Lock, Holy Priest, Shadow Priest and Hunter. We collected ourselves and with only one person left that could summon him, we finally got him down. The problem with this boss is that you do not have time to remana yourself (well I did, thanks to the ability to turn health into mana), there are constantly spawns he sends out. And you can only do damage to him while he is in the crystal form. And of course the adds go after the healer,  so someone must stay around them to ensure they stay alive.

However, after you get him down you can get great drops like Cloak of the Frigid Winds. Which most of my guildmates passed up so I could get. 🙂


(And I forgot to mention the fact that as soon as we came barreling out of SP, we promptly attacked a group of Allies that were killing fellow lowbie Horde. I could almost hear them screaming as they ran away. Hah aha…good times, good times.)

Good luck and have fun!


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2 Comments on “It’s sort of like falling off a horse…”

  1. Saresa Says:

    I agree, this boss is superdooper hard! I still have yet to bother getting a group to down him, because he scares me! /hides behind imp.

  2. The Spoon! Says:

    Damn, im really sorry i missed that. we had company this weekend AND i got Guitar Hero Aerosmith 2 days early! shhhhhhh!! dont tell anyone

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