So I figured we’ve all had loading problems with the game or perhaps just moments where you get bored and do stupid things…here are a few snapshots of some of my or my roomie’s out takes.
Up first, what does it look like when your character doesn’t load up? Just ask my roomie when she tried to get on her Alt…

How do we celebrate when we kick a HUGE monster’s butt? Dance of course…


How to piss off the Alliance (or Horde) in your area that is contested…run into the middle of a lake and have a shaman with you… and break into a dance on top of the water


What happens when you lag out and try to get away from aggro so you don’t disconnected only to come back in the middle of a battle?
You get stuck of course….and this is all you see:

Nothing around you but you’re still in combat and dying rapidly and half of your addons disappear!!

Bored? Why not just take random screenshots?
Like my roomie did to her main

Or like this…

What was the best snapshot you’ve taken or the funniest loading problem you’ve had?
(worst loading problems count too)


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3 Comments on “Bloopers”

  1. Siarah Says:

    Hehe, I think the best screenshot i got was the first time i killed Prince. Everyone was so excited we all /danced infront of him.

    Good times.

  2. I watch my friend play this game and I think he encounters the same problems at times. lol.

  3. Saresa Says:

    Oh my God I accidentally ninjaed your idea!! *sigh* this is what happens when I get behind on my reading, then realise I posted the exact same thing as someone else. *Apologises profusely and backs out the door before I steal something else!*

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